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Hello, I am le tran!

I am a passionate product designer. I eat, drink and sleep design. By going through life and experiencing inconvenient functions from everyday objects, my mind instantly goes into design mode and tries to design a solution. I also enjoy observing and analyzing how something could be reused after its initial use or purpose. Moreover, I love the way visual attributes and aesthetics are incorporated to convey ideas. My special love for design has been cultivated for many years. I strongly believe that studies in design will lead me to a career designing beautiful products that will be environmentally friendly and reusable.

I am currently enrolling in Arizona State University, Industrial Design Program. Performance in studio and lecture courses have helped me a lot on the path to the Bachelor of Science in Design with a major in Industrial Design. 

Thanks to my country's rich culture, I have inherited lots of special things. Combining with the modern culture, I want to apply them to my design as a way to introduce everyone my beautiful country, Vietnam.